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Dropbox (9) Ts

At the time, CoffeeScript was all the rage. It supported arrow functions, smart this binding, even optional chaining, years before vanilla JavaScript caught up. As a result, two engineers spent their Hack Week in 2012 migrating the whole web application from JavaScript to CoffeeScript. Since we were still small, this could be done without any significant process. We took guidance from the CoffeeScript community and adopted their style recommendations, eventually integrating coffeelint into our workflows.

Armed with this feedback, we looked at the frontend landscape and decided to experiment with both TypeScript and vanilla ES6. We integrated both technologies into our stack to determine which one worked best for us. We considered Flow as well, but it was less popular than TypeScript and seemed to have less support for developer tooling. We decided that if we were going to go with a typed language, TypeScript was the better choice. While this would be the obviously correct decision in 2020, back in 2015 it was much less cut and dry.

Both users can install Dropbox, but the synchronization won't occur until the user is logged into their account. So, if you have a large file that "User A" copies up to their dropbox from home (or updates, etc.), then they won't see it pull down until they log into the terminal server and the Dropbox attached to their account executes.

Thanks for the response - I'm confident with this side of things I think. I was more worried about the users that don't want to use Dropbox (the majority) or be bothered by Dropbox when they log in. Does anyone know if they will be asked to set up a dropbox acc Just not sure if it automatically installs for all users, had a feeling it does.

New users should not get prompted to set up a dropbox account - actually, I doubt they will even know it is there until you actually install it for each person logging in. This is going to contradict Bob's post here, so we'll see how it goes...let us know your results!

Hey @asdffdsa thank you for your reply, but i really dont understand what you asked, previously i follow up your instruction and all working file except a small issue,Please guide me further what is --dropbox-batch-mode use forim gonna create my own client id, thanks 59ce067264

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