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I Am An Air Traffic Controller 3 All Airports Torrent 64


I Am An Air Traffic Controller 3 All Airports Torrent 64

it would be remiss of us not to acknowledge air traffic controller airport heros biggest strength as a game and that is its tight level design. in fact, this game is largely composed of levels that are just a single building or a single runway. although some of the games levels can be very difficult, the sense of achievement is largely held in check by the fact that there is nothing to fight for, outside of the efforts to clear the tower and maybe a few bonus levels.

if air traffic controller airport hero had a weakness, it is that some of the buildings are hard to spot. some of the tower buildings, in particular, are almost invisible in certain lighting conditions. this is, of course, a deliberate choice to make the game as authentic as possible, but it can make it very difficult to find the hidden bonus areas for extra points. even if the player does have a map available, the games insistence that the player check in with controllers every three minutes can be a real time-sink.

the developer, voofoo studios, is the same group that brought us air traffic controller airport hero. while that game was focused more on the practicality of the games controls, air traffic controller airport heros ambition is a bit loftier, in that it presents a virtual world of the airport, with each level being a real-life airport. this time, the aim is to control the flow of aircraft arriving at a given airport, and the demand for this service can be tracked through a simple presentation of the number of arrivals and departures.

on the downside, its not a very easy game to pick up, and may be too complex for some players. the difficulty of the game varies significantly with the player. in fact, in my experience, the game is much harder than most other similar games. the training missions are particularly tough, and youll find yourself having to retrain your brain on how to behave as a controller at several points in the game. this time, the game also requires that you check in with controllers every three minutes or less, and the problem is that this means that flying through a level can be a real time-sink. at the same time, this level of detail is what makes the game so authentic. 3d9ccd7d82

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