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Hp Smart Array P410i License Key


Hp Smart Array P410i License Key

We have HP P411 smart array controller and if we want to use RAID6 and dual domain configruation, does we require to purchase the licenses or it is free now As per forum, we see that HP removed the Smart advanced pack licensing concept and incorported the key in firmware. Please suggest.

Check the list of hp sas license keys for dynamic smart array raid controllers mentioned below. We have researched a lot and listed them for the activation of the hp sas license keys for dynamic smart array raid controllers Service along with their expiry dates.

HP Hardware. Over the past week or so I mentioned on another post about licensing Smart Array Controllers to run SAS drives. Well, today I have ran into that issue and I have the solution. This is for the smart array controllers that start with a B (B320i, etc) The SAS license should be in the box and if not, you will have to order it.

Smart Array P410i in Slot 0 (Embedded) licensekey 34T62-N84MB-7DQGY-G7XGT-YTQ63 Status: OK Feature Name: HP Smart Array Advanced Pack v.1.0 License Type: Demo License Key Version: 1 Key Created: 2009-01-13 Key Installed: 2021-03-26 Days in Demo License: 60 I have tried to inspect this key in hpsmart array cli, apparently, 60days in demo 153554b96e

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