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Oblivious to the situation at hand, the twins continue to seek their money from Abuelita. Tuco takes this as an insult to his grandmother and beats the boys with a cane. Soon after, Jimmy shows up and explains to Tuco why he should keep him alive. Obviously impressed by his argumentative skills, Tuco takes Jimmy to the basement where the twins are tied up. Instead of killing them right then and there, Tuco takes them, and Jimmy, to the middle of the desert. Again, Jimmy tries to reason with Tuco and gets his and the two boys' death sentences reduced to a broken leg for each of the twins, telling Tuco that the punishment should fit the crime. When they are released, Jimmy drives the two boys to a local hospital. After a long night, and unable to focus because of the images of Tuco breaking the boys' legs, Jimmy crashes at Chuck's. The next day he goes to the courthouse and again is seen struggling to make money. ("Mijo")

Gene (Jimmy McGill's latest identity) is up to no good with a crew he's put together, after his identity was cracked while on a break from his job at Cinnabon. Now, he's out on an ill-advised breaking-and-entry, and all signs point to him getting busted for this. Especially the teaser they aired with cops outside.

La tercera temporada vio a los actores Bob Odenkirk, Giancarlo Esposito y Jonathan Banks, quienes interpretan a Saul, Gus y Mike respectivamente, ascender al elenco principal después de ser invitados o recurrentes en la temporada anterior, aunque no se les acredita en cada episodio hasta la cuarta temporada.

8) "Frances Ha" Greta Gerwig absolutely charms in a role that's tailor-made for her naturalistic screen presence. As a 20something wandering around New York City in search of a career, a purpose, an identity, she's sweet, funny, cringe-inducing and heartbreaking. Noah Baumbach's film borrows affectionately from both 1970s Woody Allen and the French New Wave while achieving a timelessness and a universality all its own. Read a piece I wrote on the film here.

"After Tiller" Lana Wilson and Martha Shane focus on the continued and frustrating efforts of four U.S. doctors to practice late-term abortions, and they also crucially show us the conflicted women and couples seeking such a procedure. As they are filmed from the head down to obscure their identity, all we can do is listen to their words during counseling sessions: to the numerous, heartbreaking facets of their decision, stripped of any political rhetoric but clearly forced into agony by the issue's unending debate. An extremely powerful and insightful film.

9) "20 Feet from Stardom" So many great documentaries this year but this one was one of the best - both joyous and heart breaking as back up singers behind some of the greatest music legends and songs finally get their moment center stage as their stories are told. 1e1e36bf2d

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