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Nursing Back To Pleasure [Final]


I am making the decisions for my husband who has alzheimers, although my children are included on all discussions regarding his welfare. We are practicing Christians and elieve my husband will go to Heaven as he professed Christ many years ago. He and I both made our advance directives about 5 years ago and since his mother had alzheimers and had to be confined to a nursing home he particularily hatedthem and stated he never wanted tobe confined to one.He had a major stroke 2 years ago and developed alzheimers himself and I had to place him in a CBRF which I know he hated but I had no choice as I am handicapped with abad back and use canes and have since had a double bypass.How does one deal with the anger he feels towards me and my own grief and guilt

I have had chronic health problems for the past 13 years. I am 67 years of age. I would like to be involved in the passing process as I have in my staying alive process (not to every doctor's pleasure). I have 4 sons and am not able to communicate my feelings, wishes, and explain my needs as they are not available. I am going to make my own final arrangements and hope they honor and respect my decisions. I am more and more drawn to cremation. I think we all have taken our space in this world and I am no longer afraid. As so many people express, it is not the dying that is so freightening as the getting there. I have been in the hospital with oxygen unable to sleep for 3 days because of struggling to breath. I am very grateful for this relief and am trying to keep this body and spirit in as good shape as possible. I pray too that I am aware of what I hope to be the most exciting journey of my life and that I won't be hooked up to machinery. I've seen too much of this and will make eve

The measure sailed through the state Senate on a 34-0 vote and now heads back to the House for consideration of changes. The final stop would be Gov. John Bel Edwards' desk. The proposal won approval in the House on a 99-0 vote earlier this month. 59ce067264

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