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Unconscious Porno Sex Gyno


During early adolescence, there are rehearsals of courtship preceptive behavior [17] such as touching, kissing, holding hands, and so on. Boys who fall behind in courtship rehearsals develop social anxieties and fears that cause them to fall further behind. They often turn to pornography, which can quickly become predictable and soon require greater deviation to be stimulating. Pornography provides infinite amounts of deviant arousal conditioning at a critical period when boys are flooded with testicular androgens. Girls may also feel compelled to visit sexual websites or chat rooms, with their endless opportunities for the vulnerable and naïve to experiment with deviant experiences. Compared to 25 years ago, female sexual compulsions are at new highs.

Human males, on the other hand, are often unaware of their affective states, being so dissociated that they never register fear, anger, anxiety, or any emotion other than irritability. When they approach a fearful situation, they bypass all affect. Their ritualized behavior patterns become the sole automatic response to fearrelated situations. This numbing requires more intense erotic stimulation to produce orgasm. Men typically oscillate between over-controlled working, drinking, eating or sex, to being outof-control in order to avoid encountering or remembering situations that are terrifying. The masculine counterpart in acting-in behavior consists of rigid rules and rituals to bind the anxiety and quell the unconscious fear. 1e1e36bf2d

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