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Kiplinger Car Buying Guide

Kiplinger Car Buying Guide >>>>>

Shopping for a new car in the New Year You won't suffer from a dearth of choice. In fact, for Kiplinger's annual buyer's guide, we rated 487 autos -- among which more than 60 are new or redesigned this year. With that many to select from, we're sure there's a car that's perfect for you, your family and your pocketbook. (opens in new tab). This company brings more than 40 years of automotive consumer writing and rating experience to the Web, offering a ton of great information. In addition to pricing guidance, Edmunds offers a buying program through dealer partners, guaranteeing prices on specific models in their inventory.

This question goes deeper than what payment fits your budget. Cars keep getting more and more expensive. To keep people buying new cars, the auto industry has modified its financing options. It used to be you could finance a car for up to five years. Now you can finance a car for six and even seven years.

The biggest financial mistake people usually make when buying a car is getting fixated on the payment. The dealership will come up with all kinds of creative ways to fit an expensive car into your monthly budget.

As the recognized authority on buying cars for over 17 years, we are often sought out by the press for commentary on articles, live network appearances and call in radio talk shows. Below are just a few of the news media companies who have written about us, and if available, direct links to the original stories.

Better Homes And Gardens - March, 2004Get New-Car Savvy Online - print edition, page 152. Jeff was interviewed by Better Homes for a story on how savvy consumers are suing the internet to make their car buying hassle-free.

New York Times - October 1, 2001Special car buying section, page 27. Also available online at their site. Click Here: "Not All Extended Warranties Are Created Equal." Article has extensive coverage of The Print version has screen shots of our extended warranty article.

If you have been relying on someone else, like your parents, to manage your financial life, it can be scary to take control yourself, but it is an important part of making it on your own, whether during or after college. The information linked to in this guide can help you get informed and make good financial decisions. 59ce067264

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