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the decoder library is called libopus and is based on the c api of libogg and libvorbis. we are not providing a decoding engine; the decoder in this library is always executed in the context of our applications.

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if all goes well you should now be able to download your new video file. from the opening screen go to the'select a program to open the video file' and choose the 'video downloader'(i won't use that word in this thread). then open the file you've just downloaded. if you chose correctly, it should show that it's an audio file. if it doesn't, it's probably the.webm extension you need to change. to open the file choose the 'audio player' from the menu screen and play the file. when you're done press the red download button in the player and voila! it's done.

a short explanation as to what opus is. opus is a free and open compression format with no patents and is not covered by any real audio patents. it is just a compression format like mp3 and is an open standard, which means anyone can use it. opus comes with the encoder and decoder. the only way you can lose is if you don't download and install the opus-tools i mentioned previously to be able to use it. otherwise it just works out of the box. don't believe me try it for yourself. the wikipedia is also a great resource. here's the link to download your opus-tools. it's in the package section of the first menu. 3d9ccd7d82

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