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government - the changelings fall under the equestrian government, but are ruled by an elected assembly. this assembly is extremely powerful and has a set amount of power. the assembly's power is awarded in three categories: security, production, and research. they will reject any bills that fall outside of this range or have a malus outside of it. the assembly is most comfortable with the gold standard. the assembly has no power to directly tax its people, but it can decide what percentage of national wealth is sent to the military, either directly or through subsidies. the military can then make any other decisions for the assembly, effectively creating the assembly's paladin.

presidency - the changeling president is an individual who runs the country with no oversight or even a representative body. they are by no means a puppet, but they will be more or less passive as long as the country isn't in danger and the economy is stable. the president can make real changes or do nothing at all, they simply can't increase or decrease their own power level. during a time of crisis, the president can take extreme measures to avert disaster or to build the infrastructure for recovery. the changeling president can be removed from office at any time by the assembly.

pox - pox is a demonic invader that infests equestria and is being used to forge a rebel force from ponies. the population has been convinced to install dr. oser as the leader of the rebellion. ponies will be indoctrinated to love the changelings and hate the equestrians. dr. oser and his followers have only minor technology and no early industrial expansion, making the path of least resistance a good idea for the changeling government. should a changeling government emerge, dr. oser's army will appear on its border and force a battle for equestria's control. 3d9ccd7d82

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