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But then, she started considering the symbolic meaning of running as a black trans woman, regardless of the result. She thought about what it meant to increase the black representation within the collective, to introduce trans representation.

So, even though Malunguinho decided to run for office for a party and not as an independent, she knew that her platform would be a projection of the ideals her quilombo represents: the empowerment of marginalized people, which includes black people, LGBT people, and poor people. Besides, she added, none of the big leftist political parties were radical enough for her liking.

Trans black woman Gilmara Cunha, raised in a favela, is a psychologist and LGBTQIA+ activist in poor communities. She says that, in favelas, trans-black women are not seen as women at all. The vulnerability there, she says, is even worse.

Also notable was the election of trans candidates - Erika Hilton (also a black woman) and Duda Salabert will speak up for their States in Brazil's capital city, Brasilia. "This year we went from a situation where there were no trans representations in the Federal Chamber to two extremely qualified and powerful ones. A still low number, but extremely representative and powerful," assessed the National Association of Transvestites and Transsexuals (Antra).

"Brazil is a racist, LGBT-phobic country, and I have all this in my body, in my political platform. So I would never have imagined that in the largest city in Latin America this black, poor, transvestite body from the fringes could be the most-voted in the country in the municipal elections of 2020. There were 388 years of slavery, it has been almost 140 years of a false abolition, and we are still in construction, we are still fighting for our humanity, for our belonging, so that we are not a novelty in politics for example," Erika said.

One month after a biopic on Linn da Quebrada's young life, Bixa Travesty, won the Teddy Award for best documentary at the 2018 Berlinale film festival, another queer black woman, the councilwoman Marielle Franco, was assassinated in Rio in March.

Among the nine performers and musicians, ever-present collaborator Jup do Barrio ("Black Queen Vocal") joined Quebrada on stage. The two, who started out as favela rappers fusing funk carioca and hip hop, together sing lyrics like "my black skin is my cloak of courage" as they fight back against transphobia in a nation that murders more trans people than any other, according to the Trans Murder Monitoring Project.

The name Quebrada is itself a play on words: Translating from Portuguese as "broken," it is São Paulo slang for the peripheral outlying suburbs of the Brazilian megacity, notorious for its poverty and crime. Said aloud, Linn da Quebrada is "Beautiful Broken," which is how Quebrada represents the lives of the queer, black, broken and broke people of São Paulo's slums.

When Quebrada sings "Come together trans and dykes" she unites her fans as a femme-front, a forceful counter-attack to machismo, male privilege and patriarchy. Given the radical open misogyny of far-right bedfellows Bolsonaro (who said he would be "incapable of loving a gay son") and US president Donald Trump, who has banned transgender people from serving in the military, Brazil's long persecuted black LGBT+ communities are rising up in a fierce resistance to the populist right.

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